Century to Wizard Conversion Kit Century to Solo G2 Conversion Kit Century to Solo XT Conversion Kit

Why convert to digital?

Low Feed Rates: If your current feed rates are low, digital readability and resolution can allow you to more accurately track your usage.

4-20 mA Remote Monitoring: Getting weight data on your PLC or SCADA allows you to remotely monitor your chemical inventory as well as automatically document chemical usages.

Low or High Level Alarms: Electronic instrumentation makes it easy to add low or high level alarms that can indicate hazardous conditions.

Advanced Trending Data: Instruments like our Wizard 4000 allow you to have advanced trending data at your finger tips such as FEED RATES, DAYS UNTIL EMPTY and DAILY USAGE HISTORY.

Our conversion kits are made specifically for your Force Flow scale and come pre-calibrated and ready to install. No scale modification is required.

Converting to a fully ELECTRONIC SCALE: Requires replacing the hydraulic load cell and dial indicator as well as connecting 110 VAC power.

Converting to a CROSS TECHNOLOGY SCALE: Requires only the addition of the Solo XT indicator via the quick disconnect fitting. Installs in less than 1 minute!

Warranty & Performance Guarantee
Force Flow Digital Conversion Kits insure that your existing scale will continue to safely monitor your chemicals. Our parts are designed to operate properly with our platforms and frames and will maintain the structural integrity of your complete system.

Force Flow 5 Year WarrantyBy using genuine Force Flow parts for your conversion, your new indicator and load cell are protected by our full 5-year Warranty and exclusive Performance Guarantee™. In addition, the original 5-year warranty coverage on your existing Force Flow scale components begins all over again!

For information on digital conversion for your specific Force Flow scale model, please contact us via e-mail or call (800) 893-6723.