Installation Assistance

Our chemical monitoring systems typically require very little effort to install and start-up. To insure that the procedure goes smoothly and quickly at your site, we do the following at our site before the systems ship:

PRE-CALIBRATION: Every system we ship is pre-calibrated so that when they arrive at your site there is typically no reason to adjust calibration at all.

PRE-FILLED: All of our hydraulic-based weigh systems are pre-filled so there is no need to add any extra fluid at the job site.

PRE-WIRED: We try and pre-wire every electronic component before our systems ship. Conduit and cable fittings are included on all electronic enclosures, and load cells and electronic instruments are carefully packaged in the same box so that even they ship pre-connected. Of course, if the load cell cable is to be run through conduit at the site, it is very simple to disconnect the load cell color-coded wires from the color-coded terminal connector, run the cable through your conduit, and then reconnect the wires. The majority of our hydraulic systems include self-sealing quick connects to allow easy routing of hose or tubing through conduit also.

Each of our systems ship with a detailed O&M Manual, which thoroughly covers installation and start-up. If additional information is required, please feel free to call our Technical Assistance Hotline at 800-893-6723.