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Chemical Security Legislation update

Below is an update from the Chlorine Chemistry Council regarding the latest on CFATS reauthorization.  CFATS is the chemical security legislation enacted a number of years ago to secure chemical facilties from the possibility of a terrorist attack.  Chlorine gas facilities at Water treatment plants were exempted in the initial temporary law because they were covered by the Bio Terrorism Act of 2002 which required plants to secure their perimeters.  To avoid duplicative regulation, the Chlorine Chemistry Council supports Republicans who are pushing for an extension of the current law that would continue to exempt chlorine gas use at water plants. - Mark Nelson May 10, 2011


Weight based level indicating devices for chemical feed systems are gaining popularity

Chem-Scale With Wizard Indicator

For years, weighing systems have been widely accepted as the standard for tracking chemical use in gas chlorination systems.  Today though, weighing systems are showing up in all types of chemical feed applications.  The popularity of weight based monitoring devices is growing as operators recognize the unique advantages of a scale over other level measuring devices.  Applications for dry or liquid feed systems can range from a 15 gallon

fluoride drum to a 200,000 lb lime silo. Continued gains in technology have allowed manufacturers to morph their products into more than just inventory control devices. New systems often provide advanced features such as chemical feed rate data and daily usage information to further help water treatment operations run more efficiently.