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Century Dial General Description

One of the keys to a successful product is simplicity in design and application. Typically, the simpler the product design, the greater the reliability. This philosophy is what has made the Century dial indicator our most successful instrument for almost 40 years. The Century dial indicator is self-powered by a hydraulic load cell, which makes it ideal for remote locations where electrical power is impractical or unavailable. This independence from electrical power also makes the system immune to power surges & failures, EMI/RFI, lightning strikes and other electrical problems that can plague electronic instrumentation.

The hydraulic load cell that powers the Century is a piston and cylinder assembly designed to convert weight or force into a proportional hydraulic pressure signal. The rugged load cell is ideal for harsh environments where shock loading, vibration, corrosion or stray electrical fields are a consideration. Some models are even equipped with a sliding top plate to accommodate the horizontal thermal expansion of large vessels.

Century dial indicators are available in five sizes, from 6 to 18", and can be remote mounted up to 200 feet (65m) from the scale location. Flexible hydraulic hose or PVC coated copper tubing connects the dial to the load cell. Self-sealing quick disconnect fittings come standard on most systems to allow easy installation of remote mounted Century indicators and to allow additional tubing length to be added in the field when necessary. All Century dials come standard with a manual tare adjustment knob and a built in pressure snubber. Optional accessories include our Satellite® 4-20mA transmitter, adjustable alarm set point and fixed alarm set point.

Century Dial Technical Specs

CAPACITY : 100 lb. to 60,000 lb.
INCREMENTS : Up to 800
POWER : None Required, Hydraulic Operation
DIAL SIZES : 4.5", 6", 8.5", 12", 18"
ENCLOSURE : Cast Aluminum
OUTPUTS : Optional 4-20mA
RELAYS : Optional Dry Contact







The Century Dial is compatible with the following Scales/Sensors:


Solo G2 Digital Weight Indicator Wizard 4000 Digital Weight Indicator Century Dial Weight Indicator Solo XT Weight Indicator
Chlor Scale Chlor Scale 150 Chem Scale IBC Tote Bin Scale
Solo XT Weight Indicator Hypo Track Weight Indicator Hypo Track Weight Indicator Hypo Track Weight Indicator
Drumm Scale Carboy Scale SpillSafe Scale Volumetric Feeder Scale




Century Dial Typical Written Specs




Century Dial Drawings




Century Dial Brochures

Century Dial Technical Support

For Technical Support, call our FACTORY SERVICE HELP DESK at 1-800-893-6723 (within U.S.) or 925-686-6700.

From the initial writing of a specification through the installation and operation of the equipment, 100% satisfaction is our goal. At FORCE FLOW, we know that a superior customer service and support team is crucial to the success of our customers and the success of our company. Following are some of the services that we offer:

Performance Guarantee
With the purchase of every Force Flow product comes our exclusive Performance Guarantee. If you are unhappy about the performance of one of our products in your chlorination or chemical feed application, you may contact your local distributor and request they begin the restock,refund or exchange process. Under the Performance Guarantee, for 30 days after receiving the product, you may return or exchange it for full purchase price refund or credit towards another Force Flow product. To qualify, all Performance Guarantee refunds or exchanges must be pre-approved by the factory service manager before returning the equipment to the factory.

FORCE FLOW warrants every single one of our products for a period of five years. If a failure occurs within the said period, the warranty extends from the date of FORCE FLOW's shipment, and liability is limited to repayment of the purchase price, repair or replacement of the equipment. All warranty work must be returned to the factory or a center designated by FORCE FLOW.

Our policy is to get all repairs, warranty work and retrofits completed and shipped back to the customer within 48 hours of receiving them at our factory. Trained technicians and a large parts inventory makes this happen. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than sending something back to the manufacturer and wondering when you will see it again. Two day turnaround—that is our policy! For prompt service, call our FACTORY SERVICE HOTLINE at 1-800-893-6723 (within U.S.) or 925-686-6700.

Technical and Application Support
FORCE FLOW factory engineers have strong technical backgrounds with many years of process weighing experience in both chlorine and chemical feed applications. If you require technical information, application support or help with a custom project, please contact an application engineer at our HELP HOTLINE at 1-800-893-6723.

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